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          Lube-Power designs and manufactures lubrication, shaft sealing, and control oil systems, seal support systems, and pressure vessels.
          Our high quality systems are built with pride and custom-designed for our clients applications.Take a look at some of our sample systems in the products page.


          Experience the
          Lube-Power difference.

          • Benchmark craftsmanship by certified welders
          • Expert engineered solutions partner
          • Customized solutions for unique applications
          • Lifetime reliability, unrivaled quality and superior support


          Our products are used in a variety of industries:

          • OEM’s of Rotating Equipment
          • Petrochemical Industry
          • Power Generation Industry
          • Steel and Cement Industries
          • Pulp and Paper Industry
          • Food Industry
          • Automotive Industry

          The Lube-Power, Inc. Difference


          Project Managers, Engineers, and Designers have the training, knowledge, capacity, and commitment to complete your projects accurately and on schedule. We have a wide range of knowledge in rotating equipment specifications, standards, piping, pressure vessels, and auxiliaries. We manage all aspects of the project using the latest design software and customized tools for maximum efficiency. 


          Pride in quality craftsmanship summarizes the finished product from the disciplined Lube-Power, Inc. manufacturing department. Our experienced staff, modern manufacturing facility, equipment, and lean manufacturing process allow us to produce a wide range of equipment economically and on schedule. Pipe welding procedures and welders are certified per ASME Section IX and fabrication per AWS D1.1.


          Our knowledgeable technicians and extensive test equipment allow us to simulate final operating conditions for all equipment. We utilize calibrated pressure, flow, temperature, electrical and fluid cleanliness equipment for customer witnessed or unwitnessed testing. This means that our clients can trust the safety and efficiency of our products. And in the world of manufacturing, that means a lot. 


          Our extensive quality program ensures that all customer specifications and project requirements are integrated and correct. And our quality process continually improves to provide the best product available. All equipment is inspected, tested and documented on a regular schedule, so we can confidently provide our clients with the best products possible. 

          Aftermarket Services

          Our dedicated aftermarket sales and technical support department retain the original documentation for all Lube-Power, Inc. and Lube-Systems, Inc. systems, which enables us to support your aftermarket or project duplication requirements. Our capacity and efficiency also allow us to support other equipment manufacturer's products, often improving them.


          We offer the packaging of pumps, turbines, compressors, fluid drives, expanders, fuel conditioning systems, and other equipment with piping, instrumentation and electrical. We understand that, in the manufacturing industry, the packaging is very important. And because we care about the protection and careful handling of our products, we take pride in our packaging, never cut corners, and do everything we can to ensure the safe delivery of all equipment. 

          Special Equipment

          Yes, Lube-Power, Inc. is the industry leader in oil lubrication systems, but we can also provide solutions and equipment for seals, wind tunnels, unique fluids, filtration, food processing, high pressure, and other applications. Contact us with your special equipment needs, and our engineers will be happy to work with your unique situation. 

          Low Cost

          Lube-Power, Inc. offers great quality systems at competitive prices, and we guarantee that all of our clients get lower costs on repairs and replacements through the life of the warranty. We take pride in the fact that we form long-term relationships with customers, and our clients know that they can always call us with their questions and concerns.